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What is HYTKI?

National Health and Wellbeing Data Innovation Ecosystem (HYTKI) is a network built in collaboration of the five regions, to foster data-intensive innovations in health and wellbeing. 

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HYTKI builds service models that enable peer learning to support companies, research institutes, and municipal and city actors in the execution of secondary use of data and usage of health and wellbeing data in their business, research, and service production.

HYTKI focuses on: 

  • Identifying and making visible the special expertise of the participating regions 
  • Data on new product and service innovations, business, and new value as part of proactive healthcare and well-being also in urban development 
  • Operating models and capabilities of data utilization and analytical skills 

    Project partners and funding

    The project partners are University of Oulu (coordinator), BusinessOulu, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, CEMIS, KuopioHealth co-op, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, and Turku Science Park.

    Project is funded through The Council of Oulu Region (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland’s support for thematic network collaboration), until the end of 2023.  



    Benefits for stakeholders

    HYTKI benefits all stakeholders through​: 

    • Capacity building of secondary use of health and wellbeing data in research and innovation​ 
    • Novel data management models & data practices, competencies in data analytics & AI​ 
    • Development of co-creation platform 
    • Development of support services for the data-based innovation 

      Competencies and development areas of HYTKI partner regions

      One of HYTKI objectives is to reinforce the regions’ competence profiles in health and wellbeing digitalisation and data usage. This is based on making visible the regions’ compelementary development areas and supporting and leveraging each other’s strengths.


      • Databased prevention and prediction
      • Citizen centric data management and service development
      • AI in health and wellbeing: support for databased innovation,
        tools and co-creation processes
      • Edge computing
      • Development and testing environments
      • RDI network collaboration, OuluHealth ecosystem operations


      • Databased exercise
      • Collection and analytics of sports and wellness data (KUHA)
      • Data intelligence
      • Supercomputing
      • AIKA ecosystem operations


      • Real-world data and medical imaging (Neuro center)
      • AI in health and wellbeing: improving data quality, data integrations

      • Effectiveness evaluation

      • KuopioHealth ecosystem operations


      • Databased, smart rehabilitation services
      • AI in health and wellbeing: possibilities of data integrations in development of AI applications, synthetic data
      • Cybersecurity in healthcare
      • KEHO ecosystem operations


      • Real-world data and real world evidence (RWD, RWE)
      • AI in health and wellbeing: synthetic data
      • Medical imaging (Euro-Bioimaging)
      • Auria Clinical Informatics
      • Health Campus Turku ecosystem operations
      Finnish map marked with HYTKI partner areas Oulu, Kainuu, Kuopio, Jyväskylä, and Turku

      We’re happy to tell you more!

      You can find project partners’ contact person information at yhteystiedot-page. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments!